Patents and Licensing

Patenting and Out Licensing

Patents and Licensing Process

TIDO develops innovations using a multi-faceted approach through the protection and licensing of intellectual property, investment in Boston Children's Hospital technologies, and establishment of strong research and development collaborations and partnerships with healthcare industry throughout the innovation to product life cycle. Ultimately, our end goal is to out license the technology to a company partner that will develop the innovation and bring a product to market based on the Boston Children’s intellectual property. The process by which a discovery becomes a product is summarized below.

Patents and Licensing

Boston Children's Inventions and Discoveries

The process begins when Boston Children's Hospital clinical, research or support staff invents a solution that could solve an unmet medical need. Inventions include medical devices, diagnostics, healthcare information technology, therapeutics for orphan indications or large markets, vaccines and research tools. “Invention” can also be interpreted more broadly to mean discoveries that could be valuable or aid in the development of a product. For example, clinical discoveries, data, genetic or biologic biomarkers, patient data, new standards of care, new platform technologies, such as ways of using stem cells, nanotechnology, regenerative medicine, DNAs or RNAs to harness their therapeutic potential. Being at a world-class research hospital, Boston Children’s investigators are continually inventing in all of these areas.

Invention Disclosure

The Boston Children's Hospital inventor should file an invention disclosure with TIDO. The Invention Disclosure is the written notice of the invention to TIDO and is important for legal purposes. [Invention Disclosure Form]

Technology Assessment

TIDO evaluates the invention and assesses its patentability, commercial potential and market. TIDO identifies potential commercial partners that have the interest, commitment and resources necessary to bring the product to market.

Intellectual Property Protection

TIDO determines and oversees appropriate legal protection for the invention, working with outside law firms.

Marketing and Business Development

TIDO actively seeks committed commercial partners by maximizing exposure of technologies through the presentation of multi-media materials to industry in a variety of forums.


TIDO negotiates out license agreements with existing or newly formed startup companies to commercially develop hospital technology and bring a product to market.

Product Research and Development

TIDO monitors the licensing partner's progress to ensure the effective commercialization of the invention. Any revenue generated from the license agreement is distributed in accordance with Boston Children's Hospital policy to the inventors, departments, the research endowment and TIDO.

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