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Pediatric Vision Scanner

Less than two years into the program, Children’s Technology Development Fund is highlighting its first successful project—Dr. David Hunter’s new Pediatric Vision Scanner prototype.

For almost two decades, David Hunter, MD, PhD, ophthalmologist-in-chief at Children’s, has been developing a laser technology to scan the eye and identify amblyopia (lazy eye) and strabismus (misaligned eyes) in young children using a non-invasive, rapid diagnostic test. If not diagnosed early in life, amblyopia can lead to severe vision impairment and even blindness. This work led to the Pediatric Vision Scanner. The original scanner (only one in existence) displayed sensitivity and specificity of over 97 percent but was heavy and impractical. To enable external clinical validation of the device, Dr. Hunter needed to streamline the design and build additional units. With help from TIDO’s Technology Development Fund and in partnership with Continuum, Dr. Hunter has built several compact, user-friendly prototypes that are now ready for worldwide clinical testing.

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