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Optic nerve regeneration: One approach doesn’t fit all

Getting a damaged optic nerve to regenerate is vital to restoring vision in people blinded through nerve trauma or disease. A variety of growth-promoting factors have been shown to help the optic nerve’s retinal ganglion cells regenerate their axons, but we are still far from restoring vision. A new study published yesterday in Neuron underscores...

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A new, much needed target for treating Candida albicans

Fungal diseases commonly bring to mind the words “dangerous” or “difficult to cure.” Now, scientists might just be a step closer to treating diseases caused by one common, problematic fungus, Candida albicans, by targeting a key player unique to fungi in an important growth pathway. Candida albicans lives on and within our bodies. It becomes...

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The mission of the Technology and Innovation Development Office (TIDO) to maximize the impact of Boston Children’s innovations on patient health while enhancing the research endeavor.

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TIDO, the Manton Center, and MassBio will co-host a Boston Children’s Rare Disease Networking Event on May 25th from 4:30 – 7:00 pm at MassBio Headquarters in Cambridge. This event will showcase Children’s research in rare diseases and discuss advancing new therapy development through industry-academic collaborations. The program will include an academic-industry panel featuring our CSO David Williams, MD, Manton Center Director Alan Beggs, PhD, Philip Reilly, MD, JD, of Third Rock Ventures, and Alvin Shih, MD, of Enzyvant. In addition, there will be short research talks by Boston Children’s researchers and networking sessions with posters. Register to attend by clicking the above title.

TIDO is proud to announce the release of our new Inventor’s Guide. The booklet details the commercialization process at Boston Children’s, how to work with TIDO to give your invention the best possibility for success, and answers to frequently asked questions we encounter.

The new IP Policy allows for researchers to independently generate and complete certain outbound academic MTAs if specific criteria are met. In addition, we have implemented a new form for initiating inbound MTAs. Please click the link above for instructions and to download the forms.

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